How often should your dogs teeth be cleaned?

The American Veterinary Dental Society recommends a full dental cleaning every six months for your pet, just the same as your dentist recommends for you.

Dental home care is the single most important aspect of regular dental hygiene. With proper home care, your pet may not need that six monthly dentistry.

Some pets will need more regular check-ups (6 monthly) to ensure healthy teeth and gums. The Ark Veterinarian Clinic as the most up to date training and equipment, including ultra-sonic teeth de-scaler and polisher.

The Toothbrush Kit

Canine and feline tooth brushes are available at The Ark Veterinary Clinic. They conform to the shape of a pet's mouth. Smaller finger brushes are available for puppies and kittens.


Never use human toothpaste on animals as this will upset their stomach. Pet toothpaste, generally preferred by pets are available at The Ark Veterinarian Clinic. These come in a variety of flavors: chicken, liver and malt.

Dental Gels

Some pets will not allow anyone to actually touch their teeth. For these pets there are dental gels which can be dropped into the mouth as an anti-plaque wash. The gel can also be applied to a tissue or cloth and rubbed on the teeth as well. Ask for your copy of the Wellness Booklet the next time you visit the Ark Veterinarian Clinic.

Dental Treats

Dental treats represent an excellent form of dental home care for animals. Feline dental treats are freeze dried fish pieces which are specially treated with enzymatic dentifrice to help remove plaque.

We recommend giving a treat daily, for routine home care. In dogs, research has shown that daily raw-hide chewing can be as beneficial as brushing.


Hills Prescription Diets, sold at The Ark Veterinary Clinic, have created a diet designed to break calculus off of teeth and is a convenient way to assist you in your home dental care program.